Interlace is innovation in action.

Interlace is a European socio-economic infrastructure-building project.

The objective of INTERLACE is to use the Abstract State Interaction Machines framework (CoreASIM) open source output of the FP7 FET project BIOMICS to develop a decentralized transactional and ledger architecture demonstrator for B2B mutual credit. INTERLACE will add to the work already started by its coordinator, Sardex S.p.A., to develop this architecture. SARDEX has been operating successfully an electronic, B2B, zero-interest mutual credit system on the island of Sardinia since 2009. The Sardex system (also known as Circuito di Credito Commerciale) enables local economic actors (SMEs in particular) to trade with each other in a trustful and circular fashion with a unique digital trade credit unit. It does this by monetizing the spare capacity of the local economy in the form of mutual, and taxable, credit between participating companies, at zero interest, on a strong basis of trust, solidarity, and local cultural identity. Therefore, INTERLACE addresses very effectively the Workprogramme objective to generate socio-economic impact from EU-funded research.

User-centric design
Implemented with a core set of users in mind, namely micro and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Abstract state interaction machines
With Abstract State Machine Interlace adds verifiability, validation, and efficient change management through precisely specified executable models and iterative refinement
Distributed ledgers
Distributed Ledger Technologies improve persistence and enable more transparency, interoperability and notarization
Open source
Open source development facilitates collaboration between private sector, public sector, and academic partners